Improving internal company communication worldwide


Portner Engineering LLC is an Authorized Partner of BEEKEEPER AG Switzerland
Connect the unconnected worldwide with Beekeeper

Beekeeper software-as-a-service platform helps your organization to communicate and engage with your entire workforce through your own corporate mobile application in a secure and exclusive way.

Use Beekeeper for all types of internal communication

Top-down, bottom-up, or peer-to-peer for multiple kinds of contents and with instant real-time efficiency measurement.

Employees who work on mobile apps are generally happier

They feel better about your company and they represent and advocate your brand enthusiastically. Your employees’ smart phones are the only hardware required.

Beekeeper is the platform to boost your employee engagement …

… by interacting, communicating and exchanging information. Beekeeper will support the internal communication and employee engagement initiatives of your organization.

Our Team

Markus Portner
Markus Portner
Managing Director
MSc ETH Mathematics
Originally a master of science in mathematics, Markus brings more than 25 years of experience in working in highly demanding and complex technical environments. Since 2015 he drives his own company which is an official partner of BEEKEEPER AG in Switzerland.
Urs Nüesch
Urs Nüesch
Principal Engineer
Graduate Electrical Engineer
Electrical engineer. Brings a very profound understanding of complex technical matter. 25 years of experience as consultant and technical trainer in highly demanding technical environments.
Andy G. Schmidt
Andy G. Schmidt
Local Representative for
Andy brings with him 23 years of experience as Financial Controller and Manager Business Administration in a major industrial MNC. Since 2012 Andy is taking care of his own business. In 2016 he founded Beekeeper Communication Pte. Ltd. to help Singaporean enterprises to boost their productivity in Internal Communication and Staff Engagement.